Dao Thanh Duo Dao Thanh Duo Dao Thanh Duo
Dao Thanh Duo
Peaceful Days
62 x 62 cm
Shi Qi: Peaceful Days
Dreamland 2
70 x 70 cm
Shi Qi: Dreamland 2


Shi Qi has won numerous prizes and awards

1939 Born in Fuqing, Fujian Province, China, the son of poor peasants
1945 Taught himself painting while herding cattle
1963 Graduated from Fujian Art Academy
1971 Studied Chinese painting under the master Huang Zhou
1973 Painting "Welcome Spring" collected by the National Art Museum
1976 Became professional painter at Beijing Art Academy
1977 Travelled widely in China to sketch from nature. Visited the master
Lin Fengmian
1978 Invited to create works of art with other artists including Li Keran,
Li Kushan, Bai Xueshi, Xu Linlu
1979 2nd Prize at National Painting Exhibition
Joined Chinese Artists Association
1980's Participated in exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong
1988 Rated as a "first-class artist". Exhibitions in France, Korea and Beijing
1990's Exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Beijing

Group Exhibitions