Zee Stone

"Summer in the City"

- Le Quan, Nguyen Dieu Thuy and Dao Thanh Dzuy

17 July - 31 August 2002

This group exhibition displays the recent works of three emerging artists from Vietnam. From impressionist street scenes of Hanoi by Le Quan, local village scenes and ladies in ao dai from Ho Chi Minh City by Nguyen Dieu Thuy and delicate female nudes in ink and colour on paper by Hanoi artist Dao Thanh Dzuy.

Le Quan employs vigorous brushwork and saturated colour to depict the play of sunlight on the tree-lined streets and decaying colonial buildings of old Hanoi. Born in Hanoi in 1953, Le Quan graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts College in 1973 and from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1982. As well as painting, he boasts a distinguished career in theatre design, having been Chief Designer for Vietnam Song, Music and Dance Theatre since 1980. Le Quan has exhibited his works in selected locations across Asia since 1980.

Nguyen Dieu Thuy paintings encompass a wide range of subject matter: traditionally dressed young women in reflective poses, semi-abstract compositions of symmetrically arranged rice bowls and waterside scenes. Her works shimmer with a dream-like motion; the combination of a subdued palette of white and earth tones with an accurate line captures the grace and poise of the Vietnamese aesthetic. Thuy was born in Ho Chih Minh City in 1962. After graduating from the Conservatoire de Musique there as a violinist, she embarked on her painting career in 1991. Her work has since been included in several exhibitions in Asia, Europe and North America.

Dao Thanh Dzuy is a talented artist known particularly for his sensitive, graceful depictions of female nude figures in both ink and colour on paper and oil on canvas. Often viewed from the back, his subjects are frequently captured in reflective poses and evoke a mood of quiet reverie, sometimes bordering on melancholy. Born in 1959, Dao Than Dzuy graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Arts, and later pursued further studies at the Fine Arts University of Slovenia. After spending many years as a part-time set designer for the Vietnamese Theatre House, since 1991 he has focused solely on painting. A strong Western influence is evident in his work.