Zee Stone

"The Sound of Silence"

- Bo Yun, Jia Hao Yi, Liu Maoshan, Xue Liang and Wu Guanzhong

14 June - 30 June 2002

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of landscapes and figure paintings by Bo Yun, Jia Hao Yi, Liu Maoshan, Xue Liang and Wu Guanzhong.

Many people think of Chinese ink paintings as old-fashioned and traditional in style, but this is a misconception. Today's artists are able to take the best of both traditions, combining their Chinese heritage with elements of Western art to create works that are entirely contemporary and original. Although they are working in a traditional medium, their styles range from realism all the way to semi-abstraction.

Two artists are presented for the first time in Hong Kong: Jia Hao Yi is a senior Chinese artist renowned for his powerful paintings of horses. He follows in a long line of distinguished Chinese artists who have treated this subject, from the earliest dynasties to modern masters such as Xu Beihong (1895-1951) and Huang Zhou (1925-1997), but Jia has created a distinctive style using the horse's form to show the strength and intensity of his brush and ink. Bo Yun, in contrast, creates gentle diptychs of riverside landscapes at different times of the day. Again, although Bo Yun has chosen a traditional subject, the expressive freedom of his brushwork, subtle use of colour and novel compositional arrangement result in surprisingly modern works.

The exhibition also features depictions of Jiangnan with it's characteristic black and white houses and willow-fringed waterways by the acclaimed artist, Liu Maoshan; surrealist landscapes by Xue Liang; and last but not least, limited edition prints by the master Wu Guangzhong, who of all contemporary Chinese artists has perhaps most successfully integrated Western elements with traditional Chinese painting.