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"The Colour of Memory"

- Oil paintings by Le Thong

7 - 22 May 2002

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present a collection of recent paintings by a young and talented artist from North Vietnam, Le Thong.

Le Thong's paintings are reminiscent of ancient wall frescoes where the figure is only partially visible, the remainder having crumbled to dust, yet the whole still presents a powerful image. Realistic representation of the serene, regal faces and slender hands of his subjects blends into a textured, abstract ground. The entire painting is suffused with a single intense colour. The image itself has greater depth than the flat perspective of a wall fresco, increasing the sense of immediacy and presence. The overall impression is of a world where time is suspended and dream and reality co-exist, a metaphor for memory itself.

Le Thong was born in 1961 into an artistic family. His father, Le Thiep (1924-2000) was a well-known artist who taught at the Hanoi Fine Art University, where Le Thong now is also a lecturer. Le Thong studied both in Hanoi and at the Kiev Academy in Russia, where he underwent strict and systematic training. Several of his works have been collected by the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum. In 1999, he won the Philip Morris Asean Art Award and in December 2000, he was awarded a silver medal (the highest recognition) by the National Fine Arts Exhibition.