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"Lady in Red"

- Oil paintings by Hoang Duc Dzung

2 - 30 November 2001

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition in Hong Kong of oil paintings by the Vietnamese artist, Hoang Duc Dzung. At first glance, Duc Dung's monochromatic canvases are immediately striking in their bold use of pure colour, ranging from deep magenta to flame orange and saffron. As the viewer's eye becomes accustomed to the painting, however, delicate female nude figures emerge through the glowing background. So refined is the artist's brushwork that they seem barely delineated; resulting in air of mystery as well as warmth and intimacy.

Vietnamese contemporary art has drawn critical acclaim during the past decade for its impressive diversity of styles and moods. While many artists display an exuberant joie de vivre, Duc Dung prefers quieter moods of calm. Whereas other artists have drawn inspiration from their own folk art tradition in depicting village scenes, or from the French Impressionists in rendering the light and shade of Hanoi's streets, Duc Dung has broken new ground. He is not preoccupied with his own culture or landscape. Instead he has taken the nude - a genre which is not part of the Vietnamese tradition - and by suffusing his paintings with intense saturated colour reminiscent of Rothko or Klein, has created works with a universal quality.

Hoang Duc Dzung was born in Hanoi in 1971 and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art University in 1998. As a student he won several awards and since graduation he has participated in group exhibitions in Hanoi. His work is in individual and corporate collections in Vietnam and abroad.