Zee Stone


- Ink paintings by Yang Gang

18 November - 1 December 1998

Yang Gang is a very creative and expressive artist. He is a talented and prolific sketcher and it is from these sketches that he later draws his inspiration.

Yang Gang paints in an almost calligraphic style, reminiscent of some of Picasso's work. He also uses a traditional technique called 'gongbi', or fine line work, when he wants to convey colourful modern life. When the inspiration takes him, however, he is capable of working in various media, such as in oil, ink or acrylic. He also makes collages. What I am most fond of, however, are his works relating to the grasslands of Mongolia. This summer I met him in Beijing after he had just come back from Inner Mongolia. He told me he was going to buy a small flat there and settle down.

Yang Gang is devoted to the grasslands and we are proud to be able to present this recent collection of paintings relating to the subject, which is so dear to his heart.