Zee Stone

"Brave New World"

- Paintings by Xue Song, Qin Yifeng and Zhou Jirong

17 September - 3 October 2004

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by three exciting young Mainland Chinese artists who epitomize the breadth and originality of contemporary Chinese art.

Shanghai artist Xue Song (b. 1965) paints in a bold and energetic manner in mixed media on canvas, often on a very large scale. His figurative paintings and calligraphy have clearly defined outlines and are superimposed on an intricate background collage of fragments of printed paper. These include images from traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy, and photographs, through which Xue Song makes deliberate references to Chinese history, society, politics and art.

Qin Yifeng (b. 1961) is another innovative Shanghai artist who has developed a distinctive abstract style. His paintings in acrylic on canvas are characterized by overall compositions of vertical stripes bisected by curvy horizontal forms in a variety of patterns and colours. The impression is of the warp and weft of woven fabric. During his studies in the early 1980s, Qin Yifeng became interested in Western Abstract Expressionism and how elements of this could be combined with the Chinese tradition.

Zhou Jirong (b. 1962), Deputy Director of the Printmaking Department at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, has made a significant breakthrough in his experimentation with the language and form of printmaking. His silkscreen prints on canvas are inspired by the urban landscape of Beijing. He particularly likes depicting the city at dusk, when soft, muted colours and subtle harmonies give his canvases a dreamlike quality.