Zee Stone

"South of the Border, West of the Sun"

- Paintings by Jia Hao Yi, Bo Yun, Yang Gang and Shi Zhong Gui

20 - 31 May 2005

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of ink and colour paintings by four Chinese artists: Jia Hao Yi, Bo Yun, Yang Gang and Shi Zhong Gui.

Jia Hao Yi (b. 1938) is renowned for his paintings of horses. Influenced by Chinese calligraphy and by modern Western art, he has developed a unique style that emphasizes their dynamism and energy. Often the black ink contrasts with vivid touches of red and blue colour. He also paints semi-abstract landscapes.

Bo Yun (Li Yongcun) (b. 1948) respects the ancient heritage of Chinese ink painting, but has integrated new ideas that make his work seem very contemporary. His vertical ink and colour diptychs, like ancient Chinese scrolls, are microcosms of the universe, encompassing sky, earth and water. However, his free and fluid style of painting also shows the influence of Abstract Expressionism.

Yang Gang (b. 1946) sees himself as an ink painter between the extremes of realism and abstraction. His paintings of sportsmen, musicians, dancers and horses are executed in a forceful, energetic style. With deft brush strokes and sharp contrasts in black and white that recall the cut-out works of Matisse, his free paintings are full of life and movement.

Shi Zhong Gui (b. 1954) is an artist from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, whose paintings evoke the vast expanses of Western China. Figures of yaks silhouetted against the skyline give an idea of the scale of the landscape, while skies in bold brushstrokes of vivid colour create a sense of natural drama.