Zee Stone


- Paintings by Xue Song

6 - 16 October 2005

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of mixed media paintings by the Shanghai-based artist Xue Song.

Xue Song (b. 1965) has developed a unique style characterized by bold outlines and a distinctive artistic technique. His intricate collages are made of hundreds of fragments of paper, some with burnt edges, while the outlines of his figures and calligraphy are executed in a mixture of burnt wood ash and glue.

Xue Song, was trained in traditional Chinese art and he has great respect for Chinese history and culture. He has successfully developed his own ideas and technique to create something new. Fragments of traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy, folk art and historical photographs are incorporated in the modern technique of collage. His vision is far-reaching: he aims to explore both tradition and modernity, and Eastern and Western influences in his work.

Among Xue Song’s most striking paintings are silhouettes of figures, often on a monumental scale. They include famous Western and Chinese political figures, but also disadvantaged people at the other end of the social scale. Some paintings are pastiches of paintings by famous international artists, always with an original new interpretation.

Xue Song also has a strong interest in calligraphy, which he considers the highest form of Chinese art historically. His calligraphic paintings range from recreations of Tang Dynasty verses, to single Chinese characters, to impressionistic paintings in which the characters are illegible and he is using calligraphy rather as a form of abstract art.

Xue Song has found a unique means of artistic expression to create eye-catching and thought-provoking paintings. Through his collages he makes deliberate and specific references to Chinese history, society, politics and art, yet without explicit social comment or political didacticism. Always aware of the rich heritage of Chinese art, he is eagerly exploring new directions for Chinese art in the 21st century.

L'Enfance de L'Art XUE SONG (video)