Zee Stone

"China on the Move"

an exhibition of sculpture by Daniel Krause

9 - 21 November 2007

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition of sculptures in Hong Kong by the exciting, young American sculptor, Daniel Krause.

Daniel Krause, formerly a businessman trading between Guangdong province and the United States, has for the past four years devoted himself to sculpture design. His semi-abstract sculptures represent the power and energy of the Pearl River Delta people, and reflect the dramatic transformation that has taken place in China since the late 1980s. Lively and dynamic, they convey the confidence and energy of an emerging new society.

His large sculptures are made of iron plate metal, which is cut and welded together. Next the sculptures are primed with black baked enamel; details are painted in gold. The smaller sculptures are made of bronze, using the “cire perdue” or “lost wax” technique.
The exhibition will be presented in our extensive new showroom space on the first floor of the Yu Yuet Lai Building, and can be viewed on our website at www.zeestone.com