Zee Stone

"Autumn in the North"

an exhibition of oil and ink paintings by Bo Yun

13 - 31 December, 2007

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of oil and ink paintings by the renowned Chinese artist, Bo Yun (Li Yongcun).

Bo Yun (Li Yongcun) is a Chinese artist who, while respecting the ancient heritage of Chinese ink painting, has succeeded in integrating new ideas and techniques that make his work seem very contemporary. He works in a variety of media - ink and colour on paper, oil on canvas, and lacquer on wood – and often in diptych or triptych format.

Bo Yun’s vertical diptychs in ink and colour on paper are miniature of different spectacular nature scenes; the encompassing earth, mountain ranges, water and sky. His semi-abstract, powerful and free painting brushworks indicate the influence of Western Abstract Expressionism. The elegance, dreamlike colour, as well as a sense of mystery characterizes Bo Yun abstract paintings in oil on canvas, which express a joy in nature and particularly in the spiritual essence of the landscape.

In Beijing in 1979, Bo Yun was a member of a group of young artists known as the "Stars", who made history by hanging their politically incorrect paintings and sculptures on the railings outside the China Art Gallery, where they were not allowed to exhibit. This act of defiance, the first unauthorized exhibition of Chinese art since 1949, provided an outlet for Chinese artists seeking to express themselves freely and set the stage for an era of liberation for future artists. During this first Stars exhibition, Li used the pseudonym Bo Yun to conceal his identity from the police and he has kept it ever since. Many of the Stars subsequently left China, but Bo Yun stayed in Beijing, where he is now a professor at Tsinghua University. The work of the “Stars” is now attracting an increasing amount of attention, both in China and overseas.

The artist will be in Hong Kong and available for interviews. The exhibition can be viewed on our website at www.zeestone.com