Zee Stone

"Hidden Beauty" and "Double Happiness" - Bamboos of the World

by Nancy Laisze Wong

6-20 December 2008

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present “Hidden Beauty & Double Happiness – Bamboos of the World” an exhibition of paintings by an exciting young Hong Kong artist Nancy Laisze Wong.

This exhibition explores the fascinating and richly colourful world of bamboos. Hidden Beauty & Double Happiness are two of the many exotic species of bamboo featured; others include “Candy Cane”, “Buddha Belly” and “Elegance and Paper”. The surprising feature of these different bamboos is their dramatic colouration, ranging from fluorescent blue to vibrant red, to mottled schemes suggesting the coat of a leopard or white tiger.

Utilising her preferred media of acrylic and oil, Laisze Wong handles this range of colour and texture with great sensitivity, lending the realistic depictions of bamboo an abstract, surreal quality. The exploration of depth through a subtle play of light and shadow give her paintings a dimension where the beauty of the subject shyly reveals itself.

Laisze Wong was born in Hong Kong in 1980. She studied under Nigel Szeto, a renowned Chinese Canadian artist, learned the basics of drawing, Chinese ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil. Subsequently, she enrolled at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada, and majored in Communication design. She graduated in 2002.

After graduation she worked for a company providing signage for large-scale projects such as the Venetian Macau and the Landmark in Central. She started again by painting a mural in a centre for autistic children in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The mural appears as a backdrop in a magazine photo-shoot for Canto-pop singer, Andy Hui.

She then went on to paint a series called Bamboos of The World which can be seen in HSBC Central, Hong Kong, also in the Olympic City branch of the same bank. This series provided the inspiration for this exhibition.