Zee Stone

"Trend and Tradition"

by Zhou Qingyun

13th - 30th March 2009

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition in Hong Kong of lacquer paintings by a young artist from Shanghai, Zhou Qingyun.

This series of lacquer paintings, "Trend and Tradition", expresses the harmony - and conflict - between trend and tradition in contemporary Chinese society. The protagonists - society ladies,
models, gangsters – are shown in a traditional Chinese setting, a metaphor for new ideas and concepts which try to break free from the past, yet at the same time recognise their debt to tradition.and heritage.

Born in Shanghai in 1953, Zhou Qinyuan studied at the China Art Academy under the most prominent lacquer painter in China today, Qiao Shiguang. The paintings in the present exhibition, with their vivid colour and great care and attention to detail, illustrate Zhou Qinyuan’s mastery of this exacting, time-consuming technique.