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Abstract Portraits Paintings byWipoosana Supanakorn

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Abstract Portraits

Paintings byWipoosana Supanakorn

31 March - 12 April 2012

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition in HK of paintings by the Thai artist - Wipoosana Supanakorn

The exhibition is composed of figures and portraits, painted in an abstract style. Wipoosana’s work has a refreshing and vigorous quality, undoubtedly referencing Picasso & Cubism, yet imbued with a Thai aesthetic, an attractive blend of gentleness and strength.

The artist first sketches an outline of the figure or face, overpaints the entire canvas with several layers of vigorous stripes of bright colour, then completes the image with bands of predominantly pastel colours, leaving accents of the underlying layers.
Wipoosana thus creates a pleasing abstract composition, contrasting broad expanse and detail, and effecting a mellow, relaxed atmosphere with a veiled sense of resolution.

Wipoosana: “My recent paintings, so evolved from the pure abstraction that came from my studying in the United States, now reflect Thailand, as I felt that the location is so important to my life and work. These added glimpses of reality, such as people I saw, architecture, weather, food, and language are also mixed with Thai spirit. This new environment changes what I see, and therefore how I feel, and therefore how I paint.”