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The Balancing Art Sculptures by Daniel Krause

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The Balancing Art

Sculptures by Daniel Krause

13 April - 27 April 2012

Zee Stone Gallery is proud to present the second exhibition of sculptures in Hong Kong by the American sculptor, Daniel Krause.

Daniel Krause moved to China in 1987 where he started to combine his Western art training with Chinese contemporary and ancient culture. He studied under Liang Ming Cheng, Southern China’s most important contemporary sculptor of the 1980 -90s, and was the first American to be awarded a Masters degree in sculpture in China. Daniel Krause taught Contemporary Metal Fabrication and the Theory of Western Contemporary Sculpture at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for 5 years. He is a well known figure on the mainland; he has appeared on numerous TV & radio programmes, and had the privilege of carrying the Olympic torch during its journey through Guangdong province. He has completed numerous large-scale public and private commissions, including over 100 larger-than-life-size figures for the Church of Scientology headquarters in Florida USA.

The current exhibition features work of 3 different styles:
1) Re-assembled History Series, an examination of how history is recorded and amended to reflect vested interests.
2) China on the Move Series, semi-abstract figures representing the power and energy of the Chinese people, recent work in this series features reclining and relaxing figures, reflecting an inevitable slowdown in the endless pursuit of growth and higher GDP. China’s quest to achieve a balance between growth and consolidation represents the thrust of this exhibition.
3) Chinese Character Series, stunning abstract representations Chinese script rendered in repoussee technique, an entirely new series based on the concepts of Yi Pai, “meaning beyond language” rather than a dogmatic or logical reflection of reality.

The exhibition features pieces made from iron plate metal, cut and welded together, and cast bronze using the lost wax technique.